Smart PV Inverter Footage

Since 2011, we expanded our business into Green / Renewable Energy & Related Business. Since 2015 until now, We are a distributor of products for Huawei Digital Power , Sale many ​​products  such as Smart PV Inverter, Backup Box, Battery, FusionSolar Management System applications and other related equipment.


Until 2022, We have been Huawei Digital Power top value added partner. With Huawei’s leading technology capabilities combine with the potential with expertise in engineering of Polytech. As a result, We are growing every year until now. You can see our growth in the graph below.

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EV Station Footage

We studied and expanded business EV Charger since 2014.

At present, we have many achievements. We are an installer

of EV stations at EGAT, Installer of EV stations at AP condominium, Luxury car brands like BMW, PTT OR phase1, phase 2,3  and MEA.

EV Charger that we provide is ” Chargecore ” brand. Because, high quality ,can be easily installed and maintained Including a design that is comfortable and easy to use for users.

Partner อย่างเป็นทางการ

EV Charging Model

AC wallbox 7/22kW

AC-006 Home charge Wall box 7/22 kW

AC002-7 22kW Floor Stand Single Output

AC002-7 22kW Floor Stand Double Output

ADC 60/120/160kW

Charging Standard Option

  • CCS combo-2
  • CHAdeMO
  • AC Type 2 (22/43kW)